Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sweet, sweet victory!

Yes, fantastic score in the second leg against City....I'm so pleased, I so believe in the power of prayer now........
My friend and her lovely new baby came for a visit, little one is so cute and tiny- my youngest baby is 8 now and other peoples babies seem to get smaller and smaller...
Had a good chat and yummy food, even Buster the dog behaved himself.
Have been busy knitting more tiny hats and socks for the little prem twins, they are doing well but still so, so small.
My youngest had a cake sale in his class to raise money for the Haiti Appeal - I'm really proud of him for taking the initiative and setting a good example, I think their class total is around £50 - how brilliant is that ? We spent all Sunday afternoon and evening making and decorating cakes (he also ate rather a lot), so I am chuffed he made plenty of money for the appeal.

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