Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sweet, sweet victory!

Yes, fantastic score in the second leg against City....I'm so pleased, I so believe in the power of prayer now........
My friend and her lovely new baby came for a visit, little one is so cute and tiny- my youngest baby is 8 now and other peoples babies seem to get smaller and smaller...
Had a good chat and yummy food, even Buster the dog behaved himself.
Have been busy knitting more tiny hats and socks for the little prem twins, they are doing well but still so, so small.
My youngest had a cake sale in his class to raise money for the Haiti Appeal - I'm really proud of him for taking the initiative and setting a good example, I think their class total is around £50 - how brilliant is that ? We spent all Sunday afternoon and evening making and decorating cakes (he also ate rather a lot), so I am chuffed he made plenty of money for the appeal.

Friday, 22 January 2010

End of week

Friday again, can not believe it, Mr H is home from his trip to the US and everything is getting back to normal. Just the usual family stuff going on: late school buses, girls falling out with girls, children not wanting to practice guitar, little boys hitting light fittings with brand new baseball bats from the US, girls making themselves sick eating Hershy chocolate form the US.....of course good stuff too: brilliant little boys winning the Year 3 Gold Award, children organising cake sales to raise money for the Haiti appeal, a certain daughter sketching some wonderful dress designs, lots of lovely hugs and affection from Mr H and my beautiful children.........
This week I have been busy making some tiny hats and socks for two sweet little early arrivals, Amy and Lewis..I think there will probably be more tiny knits to come this weekend, they are so sweet and quick to complete. I love making things to give as gifts, I think baby gifts are the best tho'

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Feeling rather subdued this evening, just helped myself to a large Baileys and huge chunk of Choc Brioche as way of a pick-me-up and as I sauntered into the front room daydreaming of the deliciousness of it all - what should happen? The dog calmly strolled up and stole my bread, then ate it in one greedy gulp!He has never, ever done anything like this before....I am so,so suprised and actually a little pissed off...I really didn't think he had it in him!
Incidentally, I made the most delicious gluten-free choc sandwhich biscuits this morning.

Friday, 15 January 2010


Gosh, slippery, slippery pavements this morning - an impromptu day off school for number three child...of course he was delighted by this... we did some baking - I suppose this counts as a science lesson and much to his annoyance I insisted he do his weekend homework, he made up for it by watching several hours of inane cartoons.It worked out well all round really. My eldest two slid off to school as usual, like two little novice ice-skaters and managed to support each other as far as the school bus stop - much braver than me!
Still nursing a tender rear following a fall in the back yard during a trip to the recycling bin, slipped on the ice, luckily my head landed in the snow...the dog ran out to see if I was ok, he can be so protective - but then I realised he just came out to relieve himself,as he promptly peed up the gardenchair next to me!
Trying to get on with the knitted squares for the green blanket today, managed several more. I need 200 squares and to my disbelief I only have 32 so far - I thought there were 42 but it appears to have been a miss count by my youngest - anyway, it's going to take me some time to complete it, perhaps I could call it my 'long term project' ?!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ghost Hunters Handbook

The snowy and cold weather continues...keeping the children going with plenty of comfort food, homemade vegie soups with cheese and herb scones, gorgeous pizzas that the kiddiwinks love to help with, old fashioned creamy ricepudding...and the list goes on. Have managed to complete the curtain for the living room - finally and purchased several balls of wool to complete another chunk of JP's blanket - it should have been ready for Christmas but time ran away with itself, again. Also now have some pretty yarn for my baby and niece projects -so it is all systems go..will be v busy for the next few weeks!
Had a family visit to the library yesterday, all well and truely stocked up with reading material now. Started reading 'The Boy in TheDress' by David Walliams with my 11 year old - both
really loving it, very funny, reminding me a little of 'Beautiful People'on BBC 4. Can not wait for the next installment tomorrow!
My youngest has set up a Ghost Hunting Club at School - apparently ghosts are the new aliens, if you know what I mean....this seems to involve me purchasing all kinds of essential 'kit' - he's working on a very thorough ghost hunting handbook, very clever my littleone!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Baking

Gorgeous choc muffins and 'melting minutes'

The Big Freeze

The snow is back, just when we thought it was all over...the children should be back at school tomorrow after a week off but that is doubtful now....I love having them home, I love the chaos and the mess, of course there's plenty of shouting and screaming at each other and the odd fight but there's nothing I enjoy more. We've been baking lots this last week - it is a good way to keep warm - today it was some gorgeous choc muffins and lovely melting moments (although have decided to call them melting minutes as they were double the size they should have been - but still taste great !)...Should really kerb the baking and get on with all the craft projects I have unfinished lying around the house: a new curtain for the living room, my first rag rug project, a baby jacket for a friends new baby girl, a cardigan for my niece....and the list goes on. This new year I have promised to be much more patient and to finish more far I really am trying...
I am off to watch Wallander (with Kenneth Brannagh) - I like it but not as much as the original Swedish series, that is my favourite at the moment - and then it's the school lunches to make, I think it might be jam butties tomorrow, the storecupboard is a bit low...never mind, the kids will like it!

Saturday, 9 January 2010


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