Friday, 22 January 2010

End of week

Friday again, can not believe it, Mr H is home from his trip to the US and everything is getting back to normal. Just the usual family stuff going on: late school buses, girls falling out with girls, children not wanting to practice guitar, little boys hitting light fittings with brand new baseball bats from the US, girls making themselves sick eating Hershy chocolate form the US.....of course good stuff too: brilliant little boys winning the Year 3 Gold Award, children organising cake sales to raise money for the Haiti appeal, a certain daughter sketching some wonderful dress designs, lots of lovely hugs and affection from Mr H and my beautiful children.........
This week I have been busy making some tiny hats and socks for two sweet little early arrivals, Amy and Lewis..I think there will probably be more tiny knits to come this weekend, they are so sweet and quick to complete. I love making things to give as gifts, I think baby gifts are the best tho'

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