Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pictures of life

Beautiful bagel lunch

Home baking

Daughter number one's amazing Lemon curd!

A dog named Buster

A spot of re-potting

A whole heap of onions

Snack time

New knit - boys tank age 2-3 yrs
Work in progress

A gift from a fairy

Easter knitting

Baby beanie

Kids Craft

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Catching up

Gosh, have not posted in a while - have been busy, busy with preparations for Craft Fairs, Easter and all the heaps of family stuff that happens around here ...Lent seems to have whizzed by so quickly and here we are on Easter Half Term - the SATS and mock GCSE exams are looming but the major concern at this very moment is chomping through the pile of chocolate received over the weekend - still some left, but not for long ! Here are a few pics of recent activity :

Few Easter goodies !
Baby hat in progress

Ginger and treacle scones - yum!

A little 11yr old's engineering

Lovely Lemon Cake

Sister Lego

Snowy Days!

A little bit of Spring!

Favourite shoes:

Home made pizza to warm us up!

Mothers Day Crafting:

Tasty gift!

Easter Crafting:

 Hand stitched card in progress:

Craft Festival Table:

Brooches and headbands:

Moustache brooches :

Badge for a birthday!

Easter card crafting :