Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Big Freeze

The snow is back, just when we thought it was all over...the children should be back at school tomorrow after a week off but that is doubtful now....I love having them home, I love the chaos and the mess, of course there's plenty of shouting and screaming at each other and the odd fight but there's nothing I enjoy more. We've been baking lots this last week - it is a good way to keep warm - today it was some gorgeous choc muffins and lovely melting moments (although have decided to call them melting minutes as they were double the size they should have been - but still taste great !)...Should really kerb the baking and get on with all the craft projects I have unfinished lying around the house: a new curtain for the living room, my first rag rug project, a baby jacket for a friends new baby girl, a cardigan for my niece....and the list goes on. This new year I have promised to be much more patient and to finish more far I really am trying...
I am off to watch Wallander (with Kenneth Brannagh) - I like it but not as much as the original Swedish series, that is my favourite at the moment - and then it's the school lunches to make, I think it might be jam butties tomorrow, the storecupboard is a bit low...never mind, the kids will like it!

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