Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Basic cupcake pattern

The basic cupcake pattern is as follows, you can use different yarn types and colours to produce a heap of little cakes that are all completely different.

Cast on 40sts using dk and size 10 needles
Using 1x1 rib complete 10 rows
Change yarn (opt) and K 2 rows (the sponge of the cup cake)
Change yarn (opt) and complete 4 rows of st st (this is the cake topping)
Using same yarn k4, k2tog across row
Using same yarn p4, p2tog across row
k2 tog across row, k1
Gather up stitches and secure, turn inside out and stitch side seam, stuff body of cake really well and gather up cast on edge at bottom of cake to secure well.
Cakes can be decorated with beads, emboidery or anything else you have to hand, make them as plain or fancy as you wish!

Coffee Morning

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The beginning of the second full week back at school and the rain is endless, one of those low cloud, can't see past the end of the street days - at least I have an excuse to avoid digging the allotment plot!
Anyhow, things are getting back to normal with the school routine, homework, Guides, swimming etc..
This weekend all the proceeds from the Saturday morning are going to the Pakistan appeal, so as well as the regular sandwiches and cakes I thought I'd knit up some 'cupcakes' to sell as well - they are coming along nicely, I'll post a few pics in the days to come.
F.P has been coming along with her crochet over the summer and is furiously creating Christmas gifts to sell for charity with the Craft Club at school...I'm really proud of her, she is making some lovely things.
J.P is really enjoying his new class at school, having a male teacher has had a really positive effect - long may it girls loved being in Mr T's class too.