Monday, 31 January 2011

A few favourite books!

I love this book, lots of gorgeous pictures, great ideas and delicious recipes....was my absolute favouite book of last year, lots of inspiration for growing veg and fruit at home in the not - so - big garden !

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Windy but dry

Hooray, I have towels drying on the washingline -
oops, spoke too soon - just had to run out and save the washing, never I said, it's wet and windy...
So, it is day three of illness for the man of the house - I feel in need of a holiday, no crafting just nursing ....and to be perfectly honest he has to be the most annoying patient ever, but thankfully he seems to be on the mend, lets hope that nobody else gets it!
Anyhow, last night I had my first crochet lesson of the New Year from my very patient 12 year old daughter...I have tried to learn how to crochet several times before without much success but I thinkIi had a breakthrough last night....must keep practising, fingers crossed I've got it this time! Will post a photo of my efforts (promise not to laugh!).....she is a very good teacher, very proud of FP!
Between nursing I've been baking scones, preparing yarn for FP's new bedroom rug, a spot of light housework (in other words: very little!) and what seems like a mountain of washing.....and I am about to make cheese slice for tonight's tea, it is non stop for this crafty lady today....probably should be fitting in a dog walk before the school pick-up also....roll on Friday!

Last night'scrochet

Cut fabric strips for FP's rug

gorgeous vanilla scone

FP's rug so far 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Blythe Fashion

Hi this is F.P. (fairy pants)  and this is my first blog post, hope you enjoy reading it!
The pictures are of my blythe doll,  Mary in a photo shoot I did :) !

yes i do know the shoes are odd!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Se7en Brilliant Batik Bikes…

I love this Batik idea, it will be great with the children in the next school holidays! Take a look: Se7en Brilliant Batik Bikes…

Thursday, 20 January 2011

From blue sky to freezing fog

Bloomin' weather, what a wierd day.....very productive though, made a delicous banana loaf - with a new improvised recipe, not the same as my old favourite but delicious non the less and managed to knit a few more T shirts into the rug, hooray! V tired - almost bedtime...

Yummy cake :

Recycled rug so far :


Back to winter this morning, a very crisp and frosty one ...but a lovely bright sky, turning blue as I type - so things are not so bad.
I have decided to finally make use of all the old family T-shirts etc. - of a pile of unwanted clothes that has been slowly growing for the last 2 years in the bottom of my wardrobe...taking inspiration from a website I found on Facebook, I have decided to reuse the fabrics to make a knitted far so good, the most difficult part is cutting the fabric but it knits up really quickly..I'll post pic's soon (need batteries for the camera!)...
List for the day:
1 - Get down to some serious housework
2 - Find a suitable way to earn some money
3 - Buy daughter No. 1's Food Tec. ingredients for tommorow

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bear Love

Little Felt Bears - lovingly handmade bears made from soft felt in a variety of colours, approx height 21cm.
Specific colours and decorative details may be requested, to ensure a unique design for all.
£22 per bear , includes postage and packaging
Please contact me on my Facebook Page or Lilyshaw blog if you would like to make an order.
Perfect Valentines Gift Idea!

The very recent Sheffield Wednesday Bear

Trio of Initial Bears

Beautiful Cath Kidson Bear, made for a Valentines Gift

Girlie Birthday Bear, completed just now...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Latest Bear

My little Sheffield Wednesday Bear - all ready for wrapping and posting up to York...
Back to the grindstone, I have a chocolate coloured beanie and baby set to knit asap....

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Busy Saturday

Gorgeous baking going on today - the best mince pies I have ever managed to make ( must have had a miracle)...chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes and jammy shortbread for tomorrow's coffee morning after mass...

Here is my latest bear creation all ready to be wrapped and posted:

Monday, 3 January 2011

A few favourite gifts

A few favourite family gifts - more to follow...
No. 1 daughters girlie kitchen equiptment and F.P's velvet coat...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

On the needles

Mini project No 2 :

No 1 daughter made a delicious desert today, chocolate cake/pudding :

Just a basic recipe:
8oz p flour
4oz c sugar/ marg/
2 eggs
1 tsp b powder
heaped tb sp cocoa powder
tb sp milk
Just mix up all the ingredients together and pour into a lined, square brownie tin, bake at 190, until just 'set' in centre - it should be moist in the middle, eat warm with custard or fresh cream...

Happy New Year!!

First order of the New Year completed!

Middle child still poorly - it has been two weeks now...son superglued to the laptop in his pjamas and eldest daughter hibernating in the loft with her box set of vampire movies.....happy new year !