Saturday, 8 May 2010

Beautiful Colours

It's a very windy day, and thought I'd get a photo of the lovely tulips before the petals became scattered all over the garden, beautiful colours to brighten everyone up!

Busy busy

Have a very busy weekend as tomorrow is our Parish Sponsored Walk and along with a few others, including my mum, I'm organising refeshments for all the walkers - for when they arrive back at the Hall...this means quite a bit of baking, so far I've made lots of biscuits and a heap of fruit scones. Unfortunately have used all the sugar, I'll be resuming the baking following a quick trip to the shop, will be hiding the goodies so that my youngest does not eat all the raspberry cookies!
I'm very glad to have so much to do, it's taking my mind off the election, I'm quite off politcs in general and probably will be for some time...