Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Beautiful brooches

A few more to share

Just can not seem to stop stitching these dinky little brooches, not sure what happens when I get to the bottom of my stash of stamps, love them to bits .... Ideas anyone ?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Latest obsession

Nice to see some lovely crafty friends at this weekends Shop Local Festival, my new brooches utilising used postage stamps were popular - making them is my new obsession .......
Care to share your current obsession - creative or otherwise ?

Three cute stamp brooches all ready for new homes - £3.50 plus p&p

Friday, 14 March 2014

Catching up

A few new felt brooches

Lovely marmalade bread pudding!

Close up of my little felt hanging

Hand needle felted brooches

Lovely stitched bird brooch

Work in progress

Beautiful orange and cardamon cake, inspired by a recipe in Mary-Ann Boerman's lovely book!

 Just to say, thought it was time I found a little time for the blog - afterall it was my new year promise to myself...needless to say I'm not doing very well. Anyway, I have been busy with family and crafting and have begun a bit of spring cleaning at home this week, the lovely weather has been inspiring me to get on with things. Have also finally assembled my plastic, budget greenhouse in which I hope to grow tomatoes this year - feeling optimistic today!! Happy Spring everyone!!

Painting with apple muffins

A spot of cutting out - little house tops

Building the houses

A very original gluten-free loaf for Grandad

Marths home made Pizza

Marzipan buns especially for the boy

Sunday afternoon coffee cake

A little bit of Lego this afternoon

A badge for a boys school project

Birthday brooch completed

New stock - brooch using felt, paper, lace and beads