Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ghost Hunters Handbook

The snowy and cold weather continues...keeping the children going with plenty of comfort food, homemade vegie soups with cheese and herb scones, gorgeous pizzas that the kiddiwinks love to help with, old fashioned creamy ricepudding...and the list goes on. Have managed to complete the curtain for the living room - finally and purchased several balls of wool to complete another chunk of JP's blanket - it should have been ready for Christmas but time ran away with itself, again. Also now have some pretty yarn for my baby and niece projects -so it is all systems go..will be v busy for the next few weeks!
Had a family visit to the library yesterday, all well and truely stocked up with reading material now. Started reading 'The Boy in TheDress' by David Walliams with my 11 year old - both
really loving it, very funny, reminding me a little of 'Beautiful People'on BBC 4. Can not wait for the next installment tomorrow!
My youngest has set up a Ghost Hunting Club at School - apparently ghosts are the new aliens, if you know what I mean....this seems to involve me purchasing all kinds of essential 'kit' - he's working on a very thorough ghost hunting handbook, very clever my littleone!

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