Friday, 15 January 2010


Gosh, slippery, slippery pavements this morning - an impromptu day off school for number three child...of course he was delighted by this... we did some baking - I suppose this counts as a science lesson and much to his annoyance I insisted he do his weekend homework, he made up for it by watching several hours of inane cartoons.It worked out well all round really. My eldest two slid off to school as usual, like two little novice ice-skaters and managed to support each other as far as the school bus stop - much braver than me!
Still nursing a tender rear following a fall in the back yard during a trip to the recycling bin, slipped on the ice, luckily my head landed in the snow...the dog ran out to see if I was ok, he can be so protective - but then I realised he just came out to relieve himself,as he promptly peed up the gardenchair next to me!
Trying to get on with the knitted squares for the green blanket today, managed several more. I need 200 squares and to my disbelief I only have 32 so far - I thought there were 42 but it appears to have been a miss count by my youngest - anyway, it's going to take me some time to complete it, perhaps I could call it my 'long term project' ?!

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