Thursday, 27 September 2012

Christmas Cookies

Here we are with 88 days to go, I thought I'd share a few baking ideas as many of us will be planning family celebrations and school fairs etc in the run up to Christmas, I've picked out a selection of cookie/biscuit ideas that I've found whilst browsing through various blogs and web pages...

Spritz Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cookies
Above  recipes can be found:!/winterchristmas

Beautifully Iced Biscuits

Very easy to make

Iced Chocolate Chip Cookies

A lovey way to present a gift of Christmas Cookies

Iced Santa Biscuits

My favourite, little reindeer biscuits!

To see more Christmas crafting and baking ideas take a look at:

Have just found this rather apt picture that I'd forgotten about, better late than never though! :

What could be more fun!


  1. mmmm! they look yummy, lets make them all! hehehe! ... then eat them all .......
    im definately in the christmas spirit now!

  2. Yes, me too, I know it's early but what the heck why not ?