Sunday, 30 September 2012

Advent Calendar Ideas

85 Days
A lovely windy and wet day here so I thought I'd brighten things up a bit, I have been looking for inspiration for this year's Advent Calendar, here are a few I found whilst browsing the web :

A lovely colourful display with a novel way to reuse cardbourd tubes!

Original idea, perfect project for children with basic sewing skills to enjoy creating.

These colourful parcels can be strung together and hung decoratively across a room or attached individually to the Christmas tree.

Colourful and simple

Traditional boxes, lovely for little hands and small people learning to count.

My children like the idea of this one, not sure about all that icing myself..

This one reminds me a little of pass the parcel - very exciting ripping off the layers of paper. I have done something similar at home the last few years using lots of different coloured wrap.

Another lovely idea the children can work on themselves, a good one for boys - a way to re-use match or raisin boxes

A very decorative idea, the envelopes can hold little notes suggesting an activity or treat for that day

A very sweet idea for tiny ones - could use any template.

Very festive, also seves as a wall hanging for the festive period.

Cute little birds that the children can design and make themselves.

I like this idea, it would work well as a magnetic design..

Nice way of displaying a vintage leather suitcase.

simple and effective.

A lovely way to use vintage fabric or re-use old table cloths etc in a pretty design.

For more on these designs and further ideas for Advent Calendars :

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