Monday, 28 May 2012

Melting Moments

Another bright sunny day of blue skies - finished the supermarket shop, my youngest has finished school for half term - a week at home together before the family holiday next week, looking forward to a lovely break together. Daughter number one has had a pile of GCSE exams the last couple of weeks, FP has been working hard on assignments and her artwork, Mr H needs a well earned break from work also - so holiday here we come !
I have discovered a brilliant new book : 'Simply Wonderwoman' by Joanna Gosling - chock full of loads of simple ideas to save time and money! Using said book as my inspiration I shall be posting a daily handy tip for all women with too much to do!

Today's simple tip: Shave with oil - either olive, baby etc. Apply oil and shave, leaves skin smooth, can be done with or without water, brilliant for last minute leg-shaving on unexpectedly sunny mornings.....can not believe I've only just discovered this!


  1. I love a handy tip so will look forward to reading them. I am sticking to a weekly update on a Monday at the moment with my blog. I would be chained to the computer if I did it more than one day!

  2. Plus, thanks for adding me to your blog list. You are on mine.

  3. Yeah, that's probably a good idea, I began by trying to post several times a week but mostly I just post things when I can find a spare few minutes ..