Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

So the festivities are over, almost time to take the decorations down until next year....why does time move so quickly ?
Had a very cosy family Christmas and peaceful New Year, children all happy and well, could not ask for more really, except maybe a new tail for the dog...
So, it is 2012, this year I have decided to make, create, reuse and recycle as much as possible and to avoid buying new whenever I can....I've already begun a new knitting project, a lovely cable cardigan for myself, pictures to follow...hopefully it is going to be a very creative year!!
I should say that my inspiration for this has been my daughter and her 2012 Retro Year plans, as always, very inspiring and supportive !


  1. thanks mum!
    great post! i hope its a good creative year too and yes the dog probably could do with a new tail!
    with love
    your inspiration xxxxx

  2. A Retro Year plan... That sounds awesome. Wishing you a happy creative year Lily!

  3. Thank you, best wishes for a happy and inspirational year yourself sara !

  4. I appreciate your kind comments, thank you for taking the time x