Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 - Make,create,re-use, recycle !

So far a very good start with my New Year vow to 'make, create re-use, recycle' as much as I possibly can.
As a family we are being extra vigilant with sorting and collecting our re-cyclable rubbish and trying to find new ideas for reusing items rather than just piling them into the re-cycling bins...all good fun !
Cereal boxes - especially the larger sizes are great for keeping for the childrens craft projects ; making dolls houses, castles, treasure boxes, crowns etc.. and I find this card especially useful for templates for patterns and shapes in my craft work also - nice and smooth but thin enough to cut easily etc.. I have also discovered the beauty of an empty evapourated milk tin - thoroughly washed and dried they make great little containers, with a very 'retro' outer design and high shine inner, lined with a little greaseproof they make a lovely display filled with homemade sweets and truffles! I tried this at Christmas, wrapped in cellophane and tied with long Christmas ribbons they looked very effective.

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