Thursday, 20 January 2011


Back to winter this morning, a very crisp and frosty one ...but a lovely bright sky, turning blue as I type - so things are not so bad.
I have decided to finally make use of all the old family T-shirts etc. - of a pile of unwanted clothes that has been slowly growing for the last 2 years in the bottom of my wardrobe...taking inspiration from a website I found on Facebook, I have decided to reuse the fabrics to make a knitted far so good, the most difficult part is cutting the fabric but it knits up really quickly..I'll post pic's soon (need batteries for the camera!)...
List for the day:
1 - Get down to some serious housework
2 - Find a suitable way to earn some money
3 - Buy daughter No. 1's Food Tec. ingredients for tommorow

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