Monday, 27 December 2010

A merry Christmas

Having a lovely holiday, Christmas day was busy: presents, church, more presents, out for dinner, back to grandma and Grandad's and home in time for Dr Who -following the usual tradition of events but that's the way the children like it ...we've had lots of rain and sleet today so the snow is finally clearing -hooray!
We're chomping happily through the mountain of chocolate treats stashed around the house and mostly just movie watching and relaxing as two of our brood have really bad colds....I always stock up on the Calpol for Christmas and New Year, somebody always needs it!
Fairy-pants is in Blythe heaven - her wish came true, she got her first Blythe doll for Christmas....and is already making berets and scarves etc.. for her to wear! Joe is also v happy with his train set, now he can be just like Grandad!

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