Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What's new ?

Well, my youngest has started at Cubs this evening - he thoroughly enjoyed it and can not wait until next week ! A room full of boys chasing each other round in screaming circles is not my cup of tea, God bless the Leaders...
I have been busily knitting hats and bags for a fair on the 13th Nov in Greenfield as well as working on a Christmas blanket for my youngest - I started it so long ago now, who knows when it will be finished...FP's cardigan is also patiently waiting for me to complete it....
Fairy-pants has been busily crafting for the Blythe doll she is dreaming of for Christmas - who knows what santa will bring...she has made a lovely crochet blanket and created a bedroom under her own bed....
We purchased some gorgeous Christmas cards from the local RSPCA shop, a bargain I thought - picture to follow...on the subject of cards, JP's class at school have designed their own cards for Christmas, they have been printed up with the childs name on the back, his designs are great - I'm really proud of him ! I'll add some photo's soon !
Half term flew by last week, mainly because all three of the kiddiwinks had a bug ( the being very sick kind of bug, unfortunately) but there was plenty of quality time spent on the sofa together, movie watching etc..
No more time to chat at the mo' - in need of sleep !

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