Friday, 1 October 2010


Another busy week has gone by, I can not quite believe it ....a big tidy up this week and I managed to sort out my yarn and fabric boxes - things look much better but I'm not sure how long it will last, I will not be holding my breath...
Finally made a little laundry bag for little Liv and posted that out today... and stitched Mr H's tattoo sleeves that have been awaiting my attention for a week or so, not that he's likely to need them in this pathetic weather...Have been reading Harry Potter to JP before bed all week and he's really enjoying it, have tried several times before but it was a bit too much for the moment he can not wait to get into his pyjamas, FP has snuck in to listen a few times as well - it has been really nice to snuggle up together...
My big project is a Victorian outfit for FP that she needs for school on Tuesday, I haven't quite got myself together yet but something tells me I'm going to have a busy weekend!

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