Sunday, 6 July 2014

Brilliant Books!!

I have just finished reading this lovely book, full of twists and turn - a story that begins in the 60's and spans 40 years. It is beautifully written using lost love letters interwoven into the narrative, I love the way the past and present criss-cross each other. Captivated to the end. Perfect holiday escapism - unfortunately I finished it a little too quickly, another trip to the library this week I think!

What are you reading at the moment ?

Other Books by Jojo Moyes

One of my sisters gave me a copy of 'Me before you' last year and I finally read it a couple of weeks ago, another touching read, a little sad at times but completely compelling. Clever writing. A great long-weekend read!


  1. I never seem to find the time to read, Mary, but plan to do some when we go away at the end of the month. Love your blog. Always so calming and serene, whatever you are up to .x

  2. Ta Louise, you are very kind - I try to be myself x