Friday, 24 January 2014

Beautiful Books

Beautful Books - The Secret Life of Bees and Great British Bakes

This morning I thought I'd share a couple of books that I have been enjoying in the last few weeks.

My mum bought me 'The Secret Life of Bees' by Sue Monk Kidd for Christmas. It is a truly beautiful read, full of sweetness and sadness but also made me laugh. It was a delight to read, I could not put it down.  

Last week I spotted 'Great British Bakes' by Mary-Anne Boermans in my local library and immediately wanted to delve inside, I remembered her as a contestant on the Great British Bake-Off . It is a beautiful book with lovely thick quality paper and a deliciously new book smell. Just the introduction itself was enough to get me hooked. The book has been researched with real love, and is full of recipes long forgotten with delicious pictures of Mary-Annes baking. I love the history behind each recipe, I have been sitting in bed reading, totally enthralled. Lovely, lovely gift for Mothers Day (minor hint there) or for any beautiful bakers.              


  1. MAry, I think I have been given Secret Lives of Bees but I never seem to find the time to read these days.x Thank you for your comments on my blog, as always!x

  2. You're welcome - ditto - sneak in a few minutes now and then while waiting for a cake to bake, while taking a bath .....x