Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pictures of life

Beautiful bagel lunch

Home baking

Daughter number one's amazing Lemon curd!

A dog named Buster

A spot of re-potting

A whole heap of onions

Snack time

New knit - boys tank age 2-3 yrs
Work in progress

A gift from a fairy

Easter knitting

Baby beanie

Kids Craft


  1. oh Mary I wish the weather would improve so I could do a bit of planting outside! Managed to weed the front garden but still not got bedding plants in!Love the baby knitting things.x

  2. I know, the odd isolated day of sun just isn't enough is it ? We managed to get some potatoes into the ground and plant some seeds on Saturday but since then the sun seems to have gone back into hibernation....hoping for some better days very soon !