Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wish I had a time Turner

Honestly where does all the time go ? Family life , homework, secret Christmas shopping, prearations for the Christmas Fair, craft Fairs.....the list is endless and still no Christmas cake made...just wish there were a few more hours in the day sometimes....I have a batch of Christmas scones in the oven at the moment, they smell lovely - I do a rich scone dough with egg added and a generous amount of sweet mincemeat and orange zest - they freeze really well ... I'm going to serve them with brandy cream, very festive - I hope...

Decorations in the making

Christmas scones fresh from the oven

A little story card

Daughter crafting (£1.50 each)

A tangle of tashes

Completed craft

Felt moustache brooches


  1. Mary, I just love those tashes. I am definitely getting some of them for my boys! Are you at the Craft Festival on the Sunday?

  2. Hi Louise, no I'm at the craft festival on the Saturday, let me know if you want any, no worries ..x