Friday, 19 October 2012

Christmas countdown continues...

66 Days to go ...

Wow, the autumn days are whizzing by now...where does the time go ? Almost time for Halloween discos and half term holidays and Mr H's birthday....not to mention bonfire night, or 'very noisy and bloody annoying firework night' as it seems to have become.....always an excuse for a little homemade treacle toffee and Grandma's Parkin though isn't it ? Can't wait!

So, as the time time draws ever nearer to December I thought it may be a good time to take a peek at a few Christmas cake recipes...I ususally begin mine in October, so here we go :

Virtually Organic Christmas Cake - I found this on

To see the recipe and more info click here:  Virtually Organic Christmas Cake

 Nigel Slaters Spiced Christmas Cake:

A much lighter cake than traditional Christmas cakes and spicer also but a lovely alternative!
Try here for more info:  Spiced Christmas Cake

Jamie Oliver Traditional Christmas Cake:

Click on this link for more info and recipe:  Traditional Christmas Cake

Christmas Winter Wonderland Traybake by Lorraine Pascal : 

For more info and recipe details try here: Christmas Winter Wonderland Traybake

Hope you enjoy browsing these mouth watering recipes and find some inspiration for your own Christmas baking, traditional is good but sometimes it's rather lovely to try something new!

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