Monday, 6 August 2012

Summer Activities

Making the most of the little bursts of sunshine, our Backyard Festival was a great success, I even quite enjoyed sleeping in the tent with JP and FP for the week, lots of family fun......this weekend saw our traditional Harry Potter Fest - all the movies in two days, brill as ever, we've enjoyed a little family walking and numerous picnics down on the allotment.....Hoping for a family gathering with the cousins soon, which JP is especially  looking forward to as he gets a bit tired of hanging around with us girls all the time....Trying to make time for plenty of crafting also- knitting for a new baby and working on new ideas for the next Craft Fair in September.........

Welsh Cakes - delicious!

Silly tent action

Festival edible jewellery

FP's flower creations

Chill out time

Middle aged silliness

Summer Walking:


  1. I think your household is quite beautifully bonkers. I love the Harry Potter Fest and and sleeping in the tent for a week. Just fab! By the way, I have opened an Etsy shop as you may have seen.x

    1. Must have a look - haven't had much time for the web lately, hope it is going well!

  2. love the biscuit glasses, can i have a pair tee hee!!!

    1. How about a different variety of biscuit every day, obviously chocolate may be out!