Sunday, 10 July 2011


A very busy weekend for one and all - this weekend my sister and her partner brought me a belated gift for my fortieth birthday, three cheeky little chickens along with all the materials to build a coop and run - which they then proceeded o build in the back garden ! They worked really hard in the hot sun and summer showers and by late afternoon all was done....a lovely gift and very much appreciated....we've had one egg so far, we all took turns to hold it, to feel it's warmth.....we haven't completed the naming process yet but we have been calling the fattest and bossiest hen 'Bertha' and we are toying with 'Lucy Longneck' for number two hen - two out of three isn't bad is it ? The children are taking turns at sitting quietly watching the chickens as they potter about in their run, catching fresh slugs for them and feeding them all my lovely home grown herbs....the dog however is feeling rather left out and hasn't made his mind up about the new arrivals just yet !

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