Friday, 23 July 2010

First week ending

Well, a busy week, plenty of baking and making going on...we decided to have a recycling session and made treasure boxes from old egg cartons - decorating them with paint, gems and glitter glue. The perfect size for storing marbles, precious stones and jewellery etc..
I have tried out a new courgette cake recipe, it turned out really well, moist and sweet, a good way of boosting childrens vegetable intake without them really noticing.
A trip to the local Gallery was enjoyed by all, especially the purchase of the biggest marble and some post cards for Fairy-pants Postcrossing project.
The young ones have also signed up for the Reading Challenge at the local library - involves reading 6 books over the summer holidays, there are prizes and a celebration party at the end of the hols. It has become a family tradition over the last few years and the children really enjoy it.
Eldest child has acquired a new iphone and has been glued to it for the last 24 hours, no doubt it wil be a permenant fixture in her left hand for some time to has been lovely to see her joining in with some of the craft and games that her younger siblings have been doing in the last few days..

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