Monday, 26 April 2010


Lovely weather of late, Saturday was gorgeous, managed to get through a tonne of laundry...did a bit of hand sewing and made an elephant toy from an unused walking sock - unfortunately Fairy-pants snagged it before I hid in my Craft Fair box, I'm not so bothered really as it does look a little amateur...My youngest has been ill the last few days with a sore throat, this morning he has taken to using sign language and writing his never-ending requests for supplies down in his notebbook, which he waves at me wildly every time I pass by...thankfully he can only manage fluids at the moment so it's not too bad...when he starts ordering Triple Cheese Pizza with Hummus on the side it will be time to send him back to school but for now he remains wrapped in his favourite blanket watching inane cartoons, flicking constantly between channels - it has become a habit of his recently and although it is annoying, I much prefer it to his previous nose picking and nail biting habits.
During a room-tidy that ended rather abruptly Fairy-pants found her long lost chalk collection and spent saturday afternoon, rather artistically decorating the back reminded me of doing the same thing when I was a child (probably a teenager actually)....she enjoyed her little self and didn't seem to mind when yesterday's shower washed it all away...Meanwhile number one child was at OT with her dad watching the us win the match in the sunshine - good day all round I'd say...

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