Wednesday, 3 February 2010

February incase you hadn't noticed!

Yes, here we are and January has disappeared already arghh!
Parents evening this week, these things come around so quickly - I do not know where the time goes...Have had a week of knitting non-stop for tiny babies and slightly bigger babies but both projects completed now and posted off safely! I love finishing things,it's not good to let things linger...
Discovered a great new biscuit recipe from the latest Hairy Bikers programme, really easy!
4oz C. sugar
4oz Butter
8oz SR flour
1 tsp Golden syrup
Cream butter and sugar, add flour and syrup - bring to a soft dough.
Roll into small balls - makes 18 - place on a greased b.tray (with room to spread)- bake at 180 C or 170 C for Fan assisted oven until golden.
Really easy and taste delicious - made them for coffee morning on Sat and received lots of lovely Mmm's.....
A trip to library yesterday and I now have a copy of 'Mary Berry's Baking Bible' in my hands, I keep turning the pages, salivating in quite an embarrassingly noisy way, trying to soak up each recipe - almost tasting the gorgeousness of every illustration. Needless to say I have not had time to make anything yet, but hopefully will v. soon! Must stop talking cake now as am starting to feel very light-headed, it is only lunchtime afterall.

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